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The Birman cat is a fairly large cat with a dense semi-longhaired coat although not as dense as the Persian, they also have a ruff under their chin, again not as noticeable as in the Persian breeds. Easily recognised by their white feet which is a unique feature in this colour point cat. The white on the hind legs stretches higher than on the front paws, giving the appearance of wearing gauntlets. The front paws look more like white gloves. The original colour for this cat was Seal, and it wasn’t until the 1960s that the first Blue Birmans appeared. Today the Birman comes in all shades including, seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, tabby, red, tortie and cream – around 20 different colours in total – but each still retaining their white paws. The Birman eyes are deep blue and they have medium sized ears.

Birman’s make perfect pets for the first time cat owner and love human company and the company of other pets, and can be kept quite happily as indoor cats. In fact they thrive in a household with other pets and are a very popular breed in the UK and one of the earliest semi-longhaired breeds to be recognised in the Cat Fancy world.

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