The Birman Cat

Birman Cats - Birman Cats pictures - Birman Cats information - Birman Cats BookWith their sky-blue eyes, thick, luscious fur and quiet bearing it’s easy to see why the “Sacred Cats of Burma” have become one of the most popular of all breeds. This book is the essential guide to everything you could ever need to know about their health, behaviour, well being and more. Written by experienced vet and cat expert Gordon Roberts, this book is both a both a detailed look at the history and background of the Birman and an essential practical guide to their care. With chapters dedicated to health and diet, you’ll find out how best to protect your Birman from parasites and how to keep it happy and healthy. There are also clear-eyed professional assessments of the issues of neutering and vaccination, which cut through old wives’ tales and tell you everything you need to know about feline health. Delivered in a sharp and engaging style, this is an endlessly fascinating read for any cat-lover. You’ll learn just why your Birman behaves the way it does, and get plenty of other intriguing insights – not least a fascinating account of just why cats always land on their feet. Founded in professional veterinary knowledge and years of experience working with cats, delivered in eminently readable style, and crammed with practical tips and fascinating facts, this book is the unrivaled guide to caring for your Birman and understanding the behaviour and nature of these beautiful and exotic creatures, descended from the sacred temple cats of Burma.

Topics covered include:
  • History
  • Breed profile
  • Grooming
  • Behaviour
  • Health and Happiness

Here’s what our happy customers are saying:

Great book!! (add 5 gold stars *****) Got this book as a friend has a Birman cat and I absolutely love it. So cuddly, its always a pleasure when I visit her home. I myself wanted to learn about this cat and I am glad I bought this book as it seems to have everything that I need to equip myself with the knowledge from grooming to exercise and taking care of these cats. Will pass on the knowledge to her. Never knew that they were born completely white..very fascinating. A great book overall. –  Anton Neves
You will not be dissapointed (add 5 gold stars *****) I have wanted a Birman cat since I was a young child, they are simply beautiful. At the age of 30 I am finally making my dreams come true (as cheesy as it sounds) but I wanted to know much more about the breed first so I could ensure my new companion has the best quality of life I can possible give her. I must say this book did not disappoint and had some very insightful information and advice. It also covers cat behaviour which was most interesting. I would highly recommend. – Mrs. J Strutt
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Birman Cats - Birman Cats pictures - Birman Cats information - Birman Cats Book